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Fields of Interest.


  • Functional differential and difference equations (delay and neutral delay equations).
  • Partial differential and difference equations,
  • Qualitative analysis of mathematical models in Biology, Ecology, Economy and Medicine, etc.
  •  Dynamic equations on time scales.
  • Number Theory.
  • Boundary value problems.
  • Q-Calculus.

 Summary of Studies


·         Oscillation and stability theory of differential and partial differential equations,


·         Oscillation and stability theory of difference and partial difference equations,


·         Periodicity of non-autonomous delay difference equations and applications,


·         Dynamics of nonlinear delay continuous and discrete mathematical models in Biology, Ecology, Medicines, Economics, etc. (oscillation, boundedness, permanence, periodicity, persistence, stability, global attractivity).


·         Oscillation and periodicity theory of dynamic equations, delay dynamic equations and neutral delay dynamic equations on time scales.

·  Oscillation theory of q-differential-difference equations